Connecting Rod Repair

Connecting Rod Repair by Experienced Technicians

RA Power Solutions undertake repair of connecting rods high capacity engines, compressors and rotatory equipments. Connecting rods are checked in-house by our experienced technicians for following technical parameters prior to undertaking repair of connecting rods:

I) Connecting rod serration and connecting rod bolts are thoroughly checked by MPI for cracks.

II) Connecting rod big end and small end are checked for taper, ovality, line marks or damage.

III) Straightness of connecting rod is important and must be checked periodically.

Recommendation for Connecting Rod Repair:

While undertaking repair of connecting rod it is important to follow following procedure:

I) In case of loss of alignment of connecting rod due to accident or any other reason the use of connecting rod is not recommended.

II) In case of crack observed on connecting rod serration, connecting rod bolts or connecting rod bolt sitting area the use of connecting rod is not recommended.

III) Connecting rod big end and small end bore are corrected for taper and ovality on DRDO equipped machine which ensures that big end and small end bore are parallel to each other and are within the tolerance.

IV) The straightness of connecting rod is also checked on DRDO equipped boring machine.

The repair of connecting rods is undertaken by RA Power Solutions for last 40 years and all the repairs executed are guaranteed for satisfactory performance. After repair of connecting rods, they are as good as new and there is no need of investment in purchase of new connecting rods which is a huge saving for the owners.

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