Connecting Rod

Reconditioning of Connecting Rod

For connecting rod reconditioning, following procedure is followed:

  • Shot Blasting of used Connecting Rod.
  • Cleaning of Connecting Rod thoroughly.
  • Magnetic Particle Test of used Connecting Rod for Crack detection.
  • Dimensional Inspection of reconditioned Connecting Rod Big end and Small end for taper and ovality after proper torque as specified by the manufacturer.
  • Connecting Rods are inspected for straightness on DRDO Machine because any bend or twist in the Connecting Rod may result in oil clearance problem and may lead to a failure.
  • A visual inspection of the Connecting Rods for any signs of overheating, If the rod has been overheated, its structural integrity may have been compromised.
  • Serrations remachined or lapped.
  • Connecting Rod Bigend and Smallend resized as per manufacturer specification.
  • Repair of used/ reconditioned connecting rod executed and are approved by Lloyds, Det Norske Veritas, Indian Register of Shipping etc.
We have in-house facilities for reconditioning of connecting rod for all engine model like Wartsila, MAN, MAK, Sulzer, Daihatsu, etc.
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