Onsite Inspection

Onsite Inspection of Connecting Rod by Experienced Technicians

We under take on site inspection of Connecting Rod. It ensures our valuable Clients to save their time, cost and performance guarantee by picking right Connecting Rod. On site Inspection of Connecting Rod involve following:

  • Magnetic Particle Test of both Big end, Small end and complete connecting rod to determine Crack.
  • Dimensional inspection of Big end and Small end to Check taper and ovality after proper torque specified by manufacturer.
  • Checking of serration area to know the condition of Connecting Rod.
  • Visual inspection of the Connecting Rods which include following:
  • I. Any signs of overheating. 
  • II. Welding 
  • III.Markings
  • After inspection of connecting rod we provide proper report on RA Power Format
  • We have expertise of almost four decades of on site inspection of Connecting Rods world wide.
  • In case of minor deviation on site Connecting Rods Repair can be done.