Connecting Rod of Diesel Engine plays an important role in the engine. Connecting Rods work under tremendous stress, with the weight of the piston assembled on top, changing direction more then hundred times per minute depending on the RPM.

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RA Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
411, 4th Floor, Unitech Arcadia,
South City II, Gurgaon,
Haryana (India) - 122 018.
Tel. 91 - 124 - 437 8292
Mob. +91 9810012383 ( Tech. Director )
Fax. 91 - 124 - 425 1615
Mob. +91 9213604692 ( 24/7 Support Helpline Number)

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RA Power Solutions

Connecting Rod of Diesel Engine plays an important role in the engine. Connecting Rods work under tremendous stress, with the weight of the piston assembled on top, changing direction more then hundred times per minute depending on the RPM.
Connecting Rod

It is our experience of last more than three decades that most of the serious accident takes place due to the failure of Connecting Rods. The Connecting Rod periodic inspection is not under taken with time the Connecting Rods Bolt get elongated and develop Cracks. It is also experience that due to continuous running Connecting Rod develop excessive taper and ovality which either increase or decrease the Oil gap resulting to the major Failure of the Connecting Rod and damage to the engine.

We offer following services of Connecting Rod:
Connecting Rod


Connecting rod reconditioning

Connecting rod boring machine with DRDO

Connecting rod repair

Connecting rod under repair

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