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Connecting Rod of Diesel Engine plays an important role in the engine. Connecting Rods work under tremendous stress, with the weight of the piston assembled on top, changing direction more then hundred times per minute depending on the RPM.

It is our experience of last more than three decades that most of the serious accident takes place due to the failure of Connecting Rods. The Connecting Rod periodic inspection is not under taken with time the Connecting Rods Bolt get elongated and develop Cracks. It is also experience that due to continuous running Connecting Rod develop excessive taper and ovality which either increase or decrease the Oil gap resulting to the major Failure of the Connecting Rod and damage to the engine.

  • Thanks to Raj and his team for supplying reconditioned connecting rods of Wartsila 12V32 for one of our vessel operating in Caribbean

    - Mark A
  • Congratulations to RA Power Solutions team for successfully repairing of Wartsila 18V32 connecting rods in our power project. The downtime of the engine was reduced and repairs were executed on low cost.

    - Mike Ramidden
  • The failure of connecting rod bolt resulted to the bending of connecting rod, damage of crankshaft, CR pin and engine block. I congratulate RA Power Solutions for undertaking repair of engine block by metal stitching, grinding of crankshaft by Insitu portable grinding machine and replacement of connecting rod by reconditioned and calibrated connecting rod. Company saves substantial amount.

    - Andrew Stratton

We specialize in repair of Connecting Rods, Crankshaft, Engine Block and major parts of the engine. The repairs are conducted by experienced technicians. All the repairs are executed in-house giving a great advantage to the end user as we stand guarantee for the performance of the engine.


We are into business of providing repair services of major engine components for last more than 36 years. We have worked on all makes of high capacity engines.

The company’s main focus is to provide repair services onsite. This saves the owners from dismantling of engine and transporting it to workshops which has now getting outdated.

We have team of experienced technicians and supervisors who travel to your site to execute the repairs. We offer following services:

  • In Situ Crankshaft Grinding Machine
  • On Site Crankshaft Grinding
  • In Situ Line Boring Of Blocks
  • In Situ Machining
  • On Site Cylinder Liner Rehabilitation


Connecting rod repair is undertaken as per the procedures stipulated in the engine maintenance manual. Tolerances are maintained strictly as specified. Following procedure is followed.

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